The W Seattle is the very first W hotel I have had the pleasure of staying in. After getting the Amtrak train from Los Angeles to Seattle, my friend and I arrived at King Street Station just before 8pm.

Considering the hotel was relatively close, we decided to walk, which took about 15 minutes. All of it is up hill, which makes for a bit of a workout really. We found the hotel and headed inside.


The person on duty was busy checking someone else in, which worked out well for us. Nearby was a large water dispenser, so we helped ourselves to a glass each while waiting.

Shortly the lady was available and we checked in without any hassles whatsoever. I’d forgotten something I needed to bring with me and that was accommodated without any fuss and soon we were off to the room.

W Hotel Room 1806

The room was quite spacious for the two of us, which was lovely after spending the guts of two days in a Roomette on an Amtrak train. Naturally the first thing we did was explore.

As you can see, the room contains all the modern conveniences you would expect. Pleasingly, the beds are really comfortable, with decent pillows, and that is arguably the most important thing of all. It was also very quiet, so all good there.

What Minibar?

Due to the pandemic, the minibar was completely empty. That meant we had a refrigerator to put things into if we wished, as it was completely bare. The price list is still there though, so we could see what we were missing.

The next morning we went to use the Nespresso machine for some coffee. Unfortunately, it seemed to be broken in some manner as there was no coffee to be had. It happens and it was no show stopper really as we were heading to the Alaska Airlines lounge before our flight.

The Bathroom

In the bathroom we found the second of the two robes hanging on the wall. There is also a plug in shaving mirror, hairdryer, all the usual products, plus towels and so on.

Happily the shower had plenty of pressure and was lovely to use, as one would expect. Everything was spic and span and ready for us to use, which of course we did.

Meanwhile, In The Bar…

The W Seattle has a decent sized bar downstairs below check-in. A DJ was playing a (very good) set and people were enjoying the ambience when we headed down for a drink. After having our ID and vaccination certificates checked, we ordered drinks at the bar.

After a quick jaunt checking for somewhere convenient to eat, we returned to have food here. Scanning a QR code at the bar brought up the menu on our phones.

My friend went for the sliders, while I went for the Kimchi fried rice. We did not have to wait very long for the food to arrive, which was appreciated as we were hungry.

Once done, it was time to head up to the room to watch a little TV before heading off to sleep. We had an early start the next morning and check-out was simply just putting the keys in the box and leaving.

Overall Thoughts

The W Seattle was a very good choice for our overnight stay in that city. With friendly and accommodating employees, decent music at the bar, nice food and of course a clean room and comfortable beds, what’s not to like?

You go to a hotel for a decent sleep and as someone who usually sleeps poorly in hotel beds, it was great to get a decent sleep here. Would I stay here again? Yes, yes, I would.

Have you stayed at the W Seattle before? What do you think of this hotel? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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