When I was planning my first visit to Nashville with my brother, I was intentionally looking forward to visit some of the touristy attractions.

One of the attractions was the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.  There is a lot of history and memorabilia and you can take your time wandering through the museum.  Be sure to stop by the museum shop when you exit for some souvenirs to bring back home.

I am an unapologetic fan of Taylor Swift and her country music, so I was on the lookout for areas that features her. I really enjoyed seeing the songwriting draft of “Tim McGraw” (pictured below)

a building with a sign on the front a display case with guitars and drums

a guitar on a display

a display of clothes in a glass case








a piece of paper with writing on it

a guitar on a shelf










a sign on the wall

a sign with a woman playing guitar








After the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, we continued with the Studio B Tour, which kicked off right outside the museum with a pickup.  At the Studio B tour, the building and the equipment are preserved/dated.  It was quite interesting to visit the studio where Elvis Presley and other country music titans have recorded their music.

a bus with images on it

a sign on a wall







a large poster on a wall

a room with a red rope and equipment







a piano in a room with chairs and microphones

a desk with buttons and a chair








We also visited the Grand Ole Opry.  There are live performances but at the time of our visit, there wasn’t a particular one that called to us.  We ended up doing the Grand Ole Opry house tours instead.  If you want some fresh air and photo opportunities, you can walk around the outside area as well.  They don’t let you into the building until closer to your scheduled tour time.  There is a shop you can check out.

The Grand Old Opry is much smaller than I expected, compared to some of the larger stadium size concert arenas.  However, I can definitely see how it makes for a more intimate concert setting and experience.

a statue of a guitar









a wooden doors with windowsa stage with a red curtain




a room with a chandelier and couchesa large auditorium with rows of seats




a stage with a stage and a screen







Wandering around downtown Nashville

When you are done checking out the local tourist attractions, you can just check out downtown Nashville, which is very vibrant.  Every restaurant or bar you pass by (at least during the summer), you can hear live music.

a street with cars and buildings

a guitar sign on a stage







a stone wall with text on ita sign on the sidewalk







We ended up dining at the Honky-Tonk for a late lunch.  It was nice after a long day to wind down and eat, getting to enjoy the view while listening to some live music at the same time.

a woman singing in a room with a wall of posters

a view of a city from a balcony






a plate of chicken wings and celery on a table

a salad with chicken and cheese






a building with a sign on the fronta street with buildings and cars on it





If you’re looking for a place to visit, I would recommend Nashville I have haven’t. I had a good time in Nashville. I thought it’s a vibrant place to visit and it’s especially fun too if you enjoy country music.


What are some other touristy or non-touristy gems in Nashville you might recommend to your fellow readers?