Yesterday, I received an email from Chase saying that I was targeted for a special offer. I opened the email, thinking it was random junk mail. But rather, it was a nice offer. The offer said that I can use a Chase credit card three times and earn 500 bonus points. I was targeted for this offer with my Chase Sapphire Reserve card.

Doctor of Credit (H/T) also reported that various Chase cardholders are targeted for this offer, not just those with Sapphire Reserve cards. Also, there are no complicated enrollment procedures. You are automatically enrolled in the promotion if you are targeted.


What’s Going On?

The promotional period for this offer begins on January 30, 2020 and ends on February 29, 2020. All you have to do is tap your targeted card for three transactions. Plus, the currency in which you will get rewarded depends on your card. Core Chase credit cards earn Ultimate Rewards (UR) points while co-branded Chase credit cards earn their respective points. For example, you can earn 500 Hyatt points with a targeted World of Hyatt Card.

Qualifying purchases are when you (or an authorized user) use a targeted card to make purchases of products and services, minus returns or refunds. There are no category restrictions. However, all purchases must cost a minimum of $1.75.

Points will post between six and eight weeks after the qualifying purchases post to your account. This does not necessarily mean when your card statement comes due.

Plus, accounts that are not open or are in default at the time of fulfillment will not qualify for the promotion. And you will forfeit the offer if you product change your card during the promotional period.


Final Draw

Chase is trying to promote contactless transactions with their core and co-branded credit cards. Offering 500 bonus points after making just three transactions is a great way to do so. This offer can be worth at least $5 if you value your card’s points at once cent apiece. However, it could be worth a little more, depending on how you value your points. Your mileage may vary.

Nonetheless, this offer is very easy to take advantage of if you are targeted. There is no enrollment or complicated procedures involved. You are good to go if you receive an email. Therefore, you should look out for a special email from Chase if you have at least one of their cards.