Doctor of Credit (H/T) reported yesterday that Amex has added cell phone protection on select premium cards. The cell phone protection is not a temporary COVID-19 benefit. Instead, Amex decided to make it a permanent new perk for select premium credit cards. The new cell phone protection perk will begin on April 1, 2021.


Which Cards Are Offering Cell Phone Protection?

The following credit and charge cards will be offering cell phone protection starting in April 2021:

Moreover, what’s interesting about this announcement is that American Express did not offer cell phone protections on all of their premium cards. Notable exclusions include the Hilton Aspire Card , the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant Card, and the American Express Gold Card. The Gold Card’s exclusion is especially strange because Amex included the Delta Platinum Cards, which have the same annual fee as the personal Gold Card.


How Does The Protection Work?

Furthermore, there will be several caveats and rules for using the new cell phone protection.

  • Cardholders can be reimbursed for cell phone repair or replacement costs if a cell phone is stolen or damaged (including a cracked screen)
  • Coverage is valid for up to two approved claims within a 12-month period
  • There is a maximum reimbursement limit of $800 per claim and $1,600 per 12-month period
  • There is a $50 deductible per claim
  • The cell phone line must be listed on a wireless bill, and the prior month’s bill must be paid with the eligible card

More details about the cell phone protection can be found in the guide to benefits from American Express’ website.


Final Draw

The addition of cell phone protection is fantastic news for those who hold a Platinum Card or one of the higher end Delta credit cards. Plus, the $800 per claim limit is $200 higher than the limit found on most credit cards with cell phone protection.

Furthermore, the cell phone protection is excellent for business Delta cardholders. That’s because the Platinum SkyMiles Business Card and the Delta Reserve for business are offering monthly credits for cell phone bills. These cardholders can use both perks in tandem and realize some extra value from their cards.

However, Lucky from One Mile at a Time (H/T) pointed out possibly opportunity costs for using the Amex cell phone protection. Those who use Chase Ink or other credit cards for their cell phone bill will earn more points per dollar. But they will also miss out on the new perk. For example, I use my Chase Ink Business Cash for my cell phone bill. I will be missing out on the Amex cell phone protection. But I will continue to earn 5x Ultimate Rewards (UR) points per dollar for that expense.