Hi all, I thought I would post a quick update! I got matched to Mosaic Status last week, and my dad originally got denied, then he resent an application and got approved! As for my mom, after she reapplied, we didn’t hear back until Saturday, where she got denied again! I decided to redo my screenshot of our Virgin America Silver, and she finally got approved yesterday!! I wonder why they send generic denial letters saying “you didn’t qualify”. Maybe it would be easier if they just told us why we got denied in the email?

So, after a seemingly wild week of rejections and now approvals, this saga is finally done!

Now, my parents and I can all enjoy Mosaic Status until the end of 2017 at least! 🙂

If you haven’t registered and you want to, you must register by August 14th! You can register here.

I wrote about the qualifications needed to maintain Mosaic until 2018 and which programs let you status match in my other post!


Happy travels!