Update 5/7/19: A reader pointed out to me that KM article 6115 doesn’t help if you’re trying to attach a credit card certificate, as they can’t add the necessary amount of points to those certificates.

Honoring Points Advance!

Last weekend, I was a pretty bummed that Marriott Bonvoy wouldn’t attach my 7 Night Travel Package certificate to my Points Advance Reservation. On top of that, I was told that points advance wouldn’t be honored and that you would have had to attach certificates prior to the category increase.

So after that I emailed marriott.bonvoychampion@marriott-service.com and on Monday I got the following reply from the Social Media Specialist.

As of now, Points Advance bookings made before the category changes went into effect are being honored at the original rate booked. Our best suggestion is to call back and if you are given any push-back, ask them to read KM article 6115. If they still insist they can do nothing, ask to speak to a supervisor.

Cool! So, I called back to Marriott Bonvoy, and mentioning KM article 6115 definitely helped! What they ended up doing was cancelling my 7 Night Category 5 Package, credited me 90,000 points, and ordered a new 7 Night Category 6 Package. Then, the rep said it was all attached!

But….it never attached so I had to call again a day later and it took 1 hour but they thankfully were able to attach it. Now it shows up as attached and we are (hopefully) all set.

So in short, if you’re having any problems with Points Advance reservations on Marriott Bonvoy, KM article 6115 will be your best friend when speaking to reps.

A decently long process, which was annoying but I’m happy it’s resolved! Let’s hope I can check in…

Are any of you having Marriott Bonvoy Issues? Comment below!