Update: Marriott Honors My Points Advance Reservation!

Yikes! Marriott is Not Honoring Points Advance bookings for me.

I thought everything was going smoothly, when I attached my Category 5 7 Night Travel Package on Thursday after the category increase on Tuesday. It was for the Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove, that jumped from a Category 5 to a Category 6.

I made a 2 Points Advance Reservations prior to the category increase, and just this Thursday I tried attaching my certificate and everything went smoothly. Or so I thought.

The agent was nice, but she attached it to the reservation with the wrong dates!

So I called back today, and all hell broke loose. I asked to have the certificate moved to the other Points Advance Reservation I had, but the supervisor said

“This shouldn’t have been attached in the first place. It jumped from a 5 to 6 and you didn’t attach prior to the category change, therefore we won’t be able to honor it.”

So I asked how was it attached in the first place, and she added

“Well that was wrong and the hotel is gonna send the certificate back at some point, you would find out that you can’t stay there maybe in a few weeks or days.”

Seriously?! They will just eventually tell me my reservation is invalid? Great customer service they have there at Marriott…

Marriott is definitely going to lose a lot of loyal customers with this horrible customer service.

Looks like others are having Points Advance troubles too just by looking at the comments on OMAT’s post on Marriott Bonvoy.

Anyone else having problems with Marriott Bonvoy? Comment below!