Everyone has a different method of keeping track of their upcoming flights. One of the biggest losses of the MyFlights app is that I had all my flight information at my fingertips and it was updated automatically on the go.

While I have not yet found an app to replace it, I have gone back to my tried and true method. It’s quite simple and it provides all the information I need at a glance.

Yes, It’s An Excel Sheet

On average I probably fly around 30 to 40 times per year. Often trips will contain a number of flights together as I go from place to place, meaning I have no need for anything too fancy.

The sheet that I use features the travel date, whether I have booked the flights or not and then the flight information. Being a bit of a geek, I include the fare class, seats and miles earned.

It is a really straightforward way to see what I am doing. When it comes to hotels, I will just put the name of the hotel along with any miles earned. I don’t have any kind of hotel loyalty card whatsoever.

Red denotes something I need to pay for and green is used for something paid for already. All of it is simple, quick and pretty easy to understand.

What Do You Use For Upcoming Flights?

I would be interested to see what you use to keep track of forward travel plans. Some people I work with have suggested the odd thing here or there, but what I am looking for is the definitive solution.

Since we are all in the mobile world now, it probably means an app. Ideally it would be something where I could enter information in a simple way. MyFlights used to use the booking reference and e-mail address which was great. My wish would be something that simple.

Overall Thoughts

I’m interested to see what people come up with. Airlines today each have their own app which is great. Sometimes you just have to fly on other airlines though, so it would be nice to have all the information together.

Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Dave Barker.