Headline says it all. Here’s a link to the booking site and the T&C’s of the promotion.

I’m sure you all get the emails from time to time from your favorite mileage program about booking cruises with them. Most of the airlines have a similar program. Generally, you earn 1 mile per dollar paid for your cruise, with occasional bonuses like this one. Basically, the programs outsource the booking to a travel agency who books your cruise. These agencies operate much like any other online travel seller. If you are looking for a few miles, and you are going to take a cruise, this can be a good way to add a few miles to your account for something you are going to do anyway.

I prefer to book my cruises with my travel agent, a person I’ve actually met, and trust. While I’ve never used one of these programs to book a cruise, I’m not opposed to doing so. Perhaps I’ll try one in the near future as a test and report the results here! If any readers have experience earning bonus miles through these cruise programs, comment about your experience.