I changed my mobile carrier from Sprint to T-Mobile late last year.  I was looking for a good value unlimited data plan and free international roaming, and T-Mobile fits the bill.  Since I had T-Mobile before, I was not worried about making the switch as I knew what I was getting myself into.  There are some things that T-Mobile does really well (unexpected perks for their customers!) and areas it could do better.

Let’s Start with Areas for improvements:

Some dead zones

I haven’t run into dead zones or dropped calls yet, but a family member did when he apparently traveled outside of T-Mobile’s coverage area. I got this message when I called, “The subscriber you have called is unavailable or has traveled outside of the coverage area.”  Fortunately, it’s not a common issue, though I can see why some might be hesitant to switch over to T-Mobile if they don’t live in a great coverage area.



T-Mobile’s Coverage Map


T-Mobile One Mobile Hotspot

The T-Mobile One plan comes with unlimited  mobile hotspot at 3G speed, though I had a rather disappointing experience with it so far. I was able to connect my laptop to the network just fine, but the page load was so slow that it’s not really workable.  To be clear, I had no expectation that it would be fast but I expected a slightly better performance. It’s certainly a feature I will try again, though I wouldn’t rely on it.

Some Unexpected Perks!

For the new year, I wanted to cut down on the wireless bill, and it’s great to have a family plan where the average cost per line is in the $30+ range for a plan with unlimited data.   Aside from the obvious cost savings, there are some unexpected perks as well, in particular:

1. Gogo Partnership

T-Mobile has a Gogo partnership, which gives T-Mobile customers an hour of Gogo In-Flight Internet.  A family member jumped on trying out the free hour on a recent flight, and I was able to get a few texts just fine.  This is a handy perk to have at no added cost!


2. T-Mobile Tuesday

What a fun concept!  As a new customer, T-Mobile sent me a text to join T-Mobile Tuesday.  I thought it’s another one of T-Mobile’s publicity gimmicks, since they want to reward their customers every Tuesday with T-Mobile exclusives.  There had been a few good T-Mobile Tuesdays deals that include:

  • Promotional code for Free FandangoGO movie rental
  • $2 Fandango movie ticket on a Tuesday
  • $25 promo code on Zappos – what a fun promotion!
  • A free year of Shape magazine.  It’s all about keeping motivated to stay healthy, right?  😉



Past Promotions on Tmobile Tuesdays


If you are an existing customer but haven’t taken advantage of it, it’s worth taking a look (and it’s free!)  I actually look forward to seeing what’s new on Tuesdays!

More Un-Carrier Promotions

T-Mobile runs a lot of promotions and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all of them, but what I love most about T-Mobile is that a lot of their “Un-Carrier” deals apply to existing customers as well.  Just a few days ago, T-Mobile came out with yet another “All Unlimited, All In” promotion.  T-Mobile wants to include taxes and other fees into the cost of the plan.



Another Un-Carrier Promotion


Personally, I am a huge fan of having a bill that is “as stated” and not have all these “extra” taxes and fees tacked on.   The best part?   Those who participated in the black friday promotion are eligible for this promotion as well!


Am I happy that I switched to T-Mobile?  You bet.   At the moment, it seems that the hardest part of being a  T-Mobile customer is keeping track of the promotions and making sure that the promotional credits post.  You want to make sure you end up with the best savings, and that certainly is a good problem to have with T-Mobile.