British Airways are offering bonus Avios points once again. All members of the Executive Club are able to take advantage of this promotion which is a great way to enhance your points balance. This means you have more points to use for reward flights, flight upgrades and so on. I have taken advantage of this promotion before so let’s have a look at how it works.

Register for Bonus Avios

You register for the promotion at the Global Triple Avios Offer web page. You need to be a member of the Executive Club to take part and all members are eligible.

Travel Period

Flights must be booked and flown during the period from now through to 31 March 2017. You have to register for the promotion before making a booking which means that existing bookings will be ineligible for the bonus Avios.

How Does It Work?

Members will earn triple Avios on the base Avios earned for a flight. This means that any bonus Avios that you usually earn as a result of your tier level will not be tripled. The image below shows a real life example of how this works.

At the top you in the blue circle, you can see I earned 3,672 base Avios for a flight from London to Washington. The corresponding blue circle marked Special Promotion shows 7,344 Avios which is two more lots of the base Avios for a total of three or triple Avios. The red circles show the same thing for another flight.

The other bonuses on the screen such as the Tier Bonus for being a Gold member or the Cabin Bonus for booking in World Traveller Plus do not get tripled.

Overall Thoughts

I like it when a Frequent Flyer programme provides a reward for loyalty. What do you mean, you might ask, isn’t that the point of a loyalty programme? Yes and no. Usually you need to spend something you have earned to receive a reward which is a cost to you in two ways. You have to spend points you’ve earned and also spend money to cover the additional taxes.

This is an actual reward for flying as you are getting over and above the usual amount to bank for use later. I like it! Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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