My employer is “piloting” iPads in the workspace, and I was chosen as one of 25 people who will test iPads in our work environment. Our iPads are of the Verizon 3G variety, so I have interweb access at all times. After 2 weeks, I’m really beginning to like carrying an iPad. In addition to the obvious things like email and FINALLY having my work calendar and personal Google calendar on one integrated display, I’m really loving the app Noteability Notability.

My work involves a lot of meetings and interviews which means taking lots of notes. I’ve enjoyed not carrying a spiral bound notebook and instead relying solely on the iPad. My employer has yet to solve the issue of full network connectivity so I can access certain things like our internal intranet, payroll, and labor distribution websites. When they do, I think I can safely say that the iPad will be an even more powerful tool for business. In the meantime, it’s simply a great tool for business. On my recent trip to New York, I left the laptop in the office, and traveled only with my iPad. I didn’t miss the boat-anchor Dell at all!

Anyone else have experience with iPads in the office environment?