With so many cards to choose from among major issuers — many of which are routinely hyped — there are some great cards that get lost in the mix. They may not offer the same flashy perks, but some underrated credit cards can be a mainstay in your wallet for specific reasons. After years of being in the miles and points hobby, I find that a suite of cards offers a far better return that sticking to one of two cards.

I want to point out two cards I carry most — if not all — of the time: one for gas, and the other for its rotating bonus and ability to get cash in a pinch.

Wyndham Earner Business Card – Excellent Earning on Gas

This certainly won’t be the first card you think of for gas. But if you have a use for Wyndham points, it’s hard to find anything better. In addition to earning 8X points per $1 spent at Wyndham properties, you also earn 8X at gas stations. Given that the points are worth ~1 cent apiece, this is an easy 8% back on every fill up.

But it gets better in two ways. First, you can use Wyndham points for Vacasa rentals, which lets you get over 2 cents per point if you find the right redemption. I’m not a massive fan of vacation rentals, but it is a fantastic option to have. It’s a bummer that Wyndham devalued these somewhat, capping the nightly rate for which you can redeem points. But you can still get excellent value, effectively pushing toward 20% back on your gas purchases if you maximize a Vacasa redemption.

The second plus are the perks themselves of the Wyndham Earner Business card. It costs $95 per year, but you get 15,000 annual bonus points, Wyndham Diamond status, and the 10% discount on free night award redemption. Even better — the last one applies to Vacasa as well.

This card stays in my wallet all the time. It’s probably the most underrated credit cards I know of.

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a room with a large window and couches

Living room of our first Vacasa rental

Discover it Card – Can’t Get Enough 5%

I get tired of earning 5% back on my purchases — said no one ever. I have multiple 5% credit cards, and although I am glad to have them all, Discover holds a constant place in my wallet. The 5% is fantastic, don’t get me wrong. And I routinely check the calendar.

But there is another feature I appreciate: the ability to get cash over your transaction amount. This is a feature that doesn’t work at all stores, but it comes in handy when I need cash and am in a pinch. It’s not a cash advance, as you don’t pay any fees. Discover just lets you get cash back like a debit card, but puts it on your credit card account. It’s unique, and super helpful.

Beyond that, the card has no annual fee. I’ve been with Discover for 14 years now. They have a couple solid cards. But the Discover it with the rotating 5% categories is my favorite. And a credit card that isn’t talked about enough.

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What Other Underrated Credit Cards Are Out There?

So there you have it. Although I have a gaggle of cards to choose from, these two underrated credit cards earn a place in my wallet day in and day out. I don’t need cards with huge annual fees, and have made a point of dumping nearly all of these. Some of the most rewarding options fly under the radar.

What credit cards do you have that you think are underrated?