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Many TSA workers continue to work on the front lines at major airports even during the Covid-19 pandemic. In a given day, TSA workers interact with tens of thousands of passengers at several airports around the country. The increased contact with people everyday only increases their exposure to possibly contracting the virus themselves. The TSA is now reacting to a whistleblower complaint that alleges that its not doing enough to protect its workers during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Post Covid-19 protocols for TSA Workers

The TSA is swiftly making changes in response to the whistleblower complaint. Moving forward, TSA workers will not have to change their gloves more often and also have to cover their faces with a face shield. Also, after every passenger pat down or carry-on bag inspection, TSA workers will also have to change their gloves.

USA Today reports that, Jay Braynard, a TSA official in Kansas who filed the concern, had expressed concern last month about the inadequate measures that the TSA was previously taking.

I have no doubt whatsoever that our people became Typhoid Marys and contributed to the spread of that virus because TSA senior leadership did not make sure (screeners) were adequately protected.

The Pundit’s Mantra

Earlier this week, I wrote about how we’re seeing a slight revival in travel numbers. However, air travel still continues to lag behind other modes of travel like car. Summer travel is primarily being driven by road trips and short hotel stays.

Just yesterday, I wrote about how the airline industry could well shrink in size over the next year. However, we may see a seasonal uptick in demand during the upcoming holiday season. TSA workers continue to perform and essential function at airport even during this global pandemic. While the restrictions may add to the time spent in security lines for a few passengers, the measures are necessary in order to protect workers.

What do you think about the TSA’s measures to protect their workers? Do you think that the new measures go far enough? Tell us in the comments section.


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