March 1 came and nearly went before I realized that OMG, it’s March 1!!! I have to look at all my loyalty accounts to see if my status changed or something reset! Except, I didn’t. For the first time, in well….ever, I did not bother to sign into my loyalty accounts, check some status level, or otherwise reflect on some counter reset on the first day of the program year. I did accomplish one thing loyalty related on March 1, I selected my Medallion Choice benefit – four regional upgrade certificates.

First, I requalified for Delta Platinum Medallion, and I knew that was safe, and the same could be said for my hotel statuses. On the other hand, the idea of free agency is letting go. I didn’t need to care one way or the other, until next year, of course. But I expect March 1, or in the case of Delta, February 1, 2016, will come and go with a similarly relaxed mood. It’s entirely likely (but certainly not guaranteed) that I drop from Platinum Medallion to Gold or even Silver (le gasp), but I’ll live with it. I’m focusing on my own loyalty program now, and it’s oddly freeing. (Image courtesy of Shutterstock)


In 2015, I’ll focus spending on currencies like Ultimate Rewards and Arrival Miles. I am no longer married to the idea of miles and elite status. I’d certainly rather have status than not, but the “game” isn’t as much fun as it used to be. I have no idea what the miles I earn will be worth, and frankly, I can buy the benefits of status on an as-needed basis. I’m not mad or “getting even,” I’m just doing what I’ve decided is best for me and my situation. It’s time to focus on other things, like the joy of the journey. 

Up next – the airline and hotel currencies I’ll continue to collect, and why.

-MJ, March 2, 2015