While this week saw a really lucrative targeted offer, this was more of an exception than the rule. On the other hand, the public health numbers don’t look encouraging, accompanied by a mixed economic outlook. Amid this, we’re tasked with the ever changing mirage of travel restrictions being eased at many of our favorite travel destinations. Here’s a quick recap of the stories covered this week.

Hawaii extends travel restrictions, delays reopening further

Many popular travel destinations are facing a tough dilemma of balancing between physical and economic health. Hawaii is no different. For the moment though, we won’t be able to travel to Hawaii any time soon as Hawaii’s Governor has decided to further extend the existing travel ban in place.

How to predict when travel will return to normal

In this post, I try to analyze some of the recent market trends that could signal a return to normal travel. You’ll get a pretty good idea of developing a framework that will accurately help you understand why and when travel restrictions could be lifted.

When will Covid-19 travel restrictions really be lifted?

This post is a commentary on the ever changing situation with travel restrictions. I analyze why everything seems so complicated and why nobody really has a correct answer. In short, we could see this constant game of whack a mole continue as many cities and countries lift restrictions, only to walk back later.

70k offer for the Amex Gold Card, are you targeted?

This is a fantastic offer. Amex is targeting customers by email with an offer for 70,000 Membership Rewards points on the personal Amex Gold Card. The great thing about this offer is that you get the extra 20k points without having to spend more than you would with their standard offer.

Hyatt suites now bookable online with points!

Hyatt has made a great enhancement by providing us with the ability to book these suites with points on Hyatt.com. Previously, we had to call in order to book or drop a message on Twitter. In this post, I analyze the advantages and the potential pitfalls of these changes.

U.S citizens & residents can still travel to these countries

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen more countries impose travel restrictions on U.S citizens and residents, citing the increasing numbers of cases in the U.S. However, U.S citizens and residents can still travel to the countries listed in this post. However, they’ll still be subject to certain restrictions like testing requirements, quarantine periods and additional fees.


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