Frequent readers may have noticed that Hilton is usually my hotel chain of choice. I book a majority of my corporate and leisure stays with Hilton. However, I’m always a bit flustered with the way Hilton prices their award nights, especially for premium rooms. You can often see premium rooms costing hundreds of thousands of points per night, if not millions. On the contrary, thanks to Ultimate Rewards points, I always have Hyatt as a second option to book award stays whenever I need to travel somewhere. Amid all the doom and gloom with the travel industry off late, we’re finally seeing a positive development. You can now book premium Hyatt suites online by using your World of Hyatt points!

Booking Hyatt suites with Points

In the past, one had to call up Hyatt’s customer service or send a message on Twitter in order to book these suits using points. Unlike Hilton, I love the fact that Hyatt still has an award chart. That makes it much easier for us to estimate our cent per point value since the number of points are fixed irrespective of the price of the room at any given point of time.

Here are a few examples that I found globally.

hyatt suites points

A premium suite night in Australia’s capital for 24,000 points!


hyatt suites points

A premium suite in Goa for 24,000 points!


hyatt suites points

Park Hyatt suites are available, but pricey!


hyatt suites points

A premium suite at Hyatt House near Chicago for just 10,000 points!


The Pundit’s Mantra

World of Hyatt points continue to have a great deal of value. I continue to earn them at a fair clip, be it due to my co-branded World of Hyatt Visa Card or by transferring points from my Chase Sapphire Preferred at a 1:1 ratio.

With this feature, one may argue that this could result in lower availability as more folks will be seeing these suites online and booking them. Additionally, it could result in fewer upgrades for existing elites.

However, I think this is a net positive. I’m always glad when things are easily bookable and visible online. Now let’s hope that this new feature is simply not the precursor to yet another devaluation.

Hat Tip to Frequent Miler


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