With flights being cancelled left, right and centre, travel plans are being thrown out the window. There are clearly just two options for most people and that is to either cancel outright or reschedule for another time.

Originally the airlines were dictating what you could do, to a certain extent. Now that almost all airlines are offering refunds, vouchers or free flight changes, the power is back in your hands.

My Travel Plans Are Rescheduled

My next trip is to St. Petersburg with friends from University. Naturally it is all booked and paid for, with travel due in April. Not only did I book non-refundable tickets, but I also upgraded two sectors to business class, for an extra €200.00.

Therefore, the overall cost ended up being fairly high. Our group is going to reschedule for two reasons. We all want to see each other and we also want to go to the city formerly known as Leningrad. Easy, really!

Other Travel Plans Are Cancelled

While not affecting me directly, one of my colleagues is due to go to Spain for a couple of weeks to see her family. With all the chaos, she is cancelling her travel plans outright.

She decided that she can easily make another booking once everything calms down. Things are made easier by the fact that she stays with her parents, so there’s none of the additional costs and issues that come with booking accommodation.

What About The Future?

Having nabbed a very nice deal on business class flights to Australia, I’m lucky that the only dates with the deal were November 2020. I fully expect all to be back to normal by then and to take my flights as normal. In fact, I booked my connecting flights to my start and end city only recently.

The other plan is to go visit friends in Denver in June. Now I fully plan to book that for late in the month as I also hope that the Government restrictions will be lifted and flights will be up and running. Of course, if I book and then they’re not, I’ll most likely be able to get a refund, so there’s nothing to lose.

Overall Thoughts

While these are uncertain times, it won’t last forever. You should be thinking about what travel plans you’re going to be making for later in the year and start getting things sorted, at least in your head.

It is possible there will be deals once things blow over, though that is not guaranteed. It may be a case of those who book now will get the better deals and that prices will ramp up as everyone decides to do their holidays in an eight month period rather than twelve. Keep an eye on things!

What are you doing when it comes to your travel plans? Are you cancelling or rescheduling? Have you had to move much around? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Troy Mortier via Unsplash.
Peterhof image by Anastasiya Romanova via Unsplash.