Keeping a toilet clean on an aircraft must be some job. Not only do cabin crew need to ensure it is clean during flight, there are a posse of cleaners who must ensure it is fit for use using limited time during turnarounds.

My first order of business when I boarded this flight was to visit the toilet for a pre-take off tinkle. What I found made me get out my phone for a couple of pictures.

BA418 – London Heathrow to Luxembourg (LHR-LUX)
24 July 2017
Airbus A320 – G-EUYG
Seat: Club Europe 1A
Departure: 18:05 Arrival: 20:25

Once I stowed my cabin bag, I waited for a lull in the boarding passengers and nipped into the forward loo. Raising the toilet seat made me blink twice.

What am I seeing? Is that wear and tear? Or is it… you be the judge. Sometimes I wish I peed sitting down. The basin itself has a brown mark which I know is wear and tear as many of them have it on British Airways. Perhaps it’s time to move on from white.

Let’s Forget The Toilet Now

Seating in row one is the same as the rest of the cabin except you get a nifty tray table between the seats and more leg room. Once everyone is on board, the crew come around with hot towels.

They are swiftly collected and next the safety demonstration takes place. On this flight they chose not to use the video and did the much shorter manual demonstration instead.

Dinner Time

Dinner is hardly an elaborate affair in Club Europe on a short flight of one hour. There is a choice between a hot panini or a chicken salad. The salad is the lighter option.

I do rather like the potato salad that goes with it. Usually the chicken is moist and good quality so the meal is perfectly fine. Bread is offered by the crew from a basket and there is also a nice dessert.

How About A Drink?

British Airways serve Castelnau Champagne on board their flights in the Club Europe cabin. Passengers seated in Euro Traveller can purchase Champagne which is Pommery, the previous Club Europe Champagne.

When you have some Champagne left and it’s ten minutes to landing, the crew will give you a plastic tumbler to decant the rest of your drink into. This means you can sip as you land. Speaking of landing…

Video of Final Approach to Luxembourg

On this trip I decided to take some video of the landing in Luxembourg. Everything is very green and quite pretty so I enjoyed landing here for the first time.

Sorry for cutting it off right before touchdown. I decided that three minutes was plenty of time to watch trees and ground scenery pass by.

Overall Thoughts

Surprise in the toilet notwithstanding, the flight was very pleasant. The cabin crew provided a remarkably polished service on board to the point that I asked them about it. Turns out the lead crew member has been with the airline for years, which is unusual for Mixed Fleet. Experience shows!

The quality of the food and the Champagne always keep me coming back for more. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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