1. Citi AAdvantage Card holders check your mailboxes.  I had a promo in mine yesterday.  It’s targeted, and you have to call in to register.  You get an extra .5 miles for every dollar you charge on anything.  That’s not bad, and surely beats the last promo I received.  I sock drawered my Citi card during the summer.  They must’ve missed me.  Right now I’m focused on other things, so I guess they’ll continue to miss me.
  2. If I haven’t told you lately the folks running Delta Air Lines @DeltaAssist twitter account are phenomenal.  Delta has really done something right with this, and they deserve a shout out for not burying their head in the sand on social media like some other aairlines I could think of.
  3. I love the ability to work from home on occasion.  Since I want to keep doing it, back to work I go.  Happy Friday everyone.