This thread details some of the changes going on at the Atlanta Sky Clubs.  This past week I had my first opportunity to personally inspect some of them at the Atlanta A Center Club (not mentioned in the thread, but something has definitely changed there), which happens to be my usual Sky Club hangout when I’m transiting the ATL.  Just my opinion, but the A Center club always seems a little less busy than the others in Atlanta, and I hope it stays that way.

The first change, is the first thing you see, the front door.  It’s now glass and self opening, which is actually helpful considering most people coming through it are dragging their carry ons.  The front desk also has a snazzy new backdrop.  I’m not sure if the desk has been relocated or whether the new door and backdrop are playing tricks on my eyes, but the lobby at least feels larger.

The next change was upstairs. Historically the snacks were on the bar and the cubby just to the right of the bar.  Not anymore.  Delta knocked down a divider wall and constructed a new food bar which was stocked with typical Sky Club fare, crudites, cookies, snack mixes of various sorts, and the staple of road warriors everywhere, cheese and crackers.  🙂

My apologies that I didn’t take pictures.  But given that I’m not a press representative, I think the risk of getting tagged a security threat instead of an ambitious blogger was too high.  That said, if someone at Delta wants to shoot me a couple of pics of the improvements, I’ll take them!

These are just a few of the improvements Delta is making in their lounge offering.  I still don’t think they’re quite where the NWA World Clubs were, but things seem to be headed in a positive direction.  I’ll try to check out the other Atlanta changes next time I pass through.