I know this doesn’t have a thing to do with business travel, airlines, or mileage points.  But I have a soft spot in my heart for ships, so I appreciate your tolerance.  Today, the SS United States Conservancy announced that it has successfully purchased the great oceanliner, SS United States from NCL Cruises.  The ship’s new owners intend to restore her to her former glory, minus the ability to sail across an ocean at 36 knots.  The SS United States still holds the world speed record for a westbound trans-Atlantic crossing.  For a ship her size, 36 knots is a pretty rapid clip!  However, there aren’t likely to be anymore crossings for this once great ship.  Instead, she might have a future as a hotel or similar attraction much like the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

I doubt it was ever practical to restore the ship to seaworthy condition, as great as that would be to see.  That said, it’s good news that this great ship has a chance to avoid the scrap heap.  I can’t wait to see how she turns out.  I’ll gladly take the train to Philadelphia just to see.