When my brother and I flew into Vegas for a quick trip late last year, one of the first things we wanted to do was to find someplace good to eat. Our base is the Waldorf Astoria and I wanted to walk to somewhere close by. Since it was a last-minute trip, I hadn’t looked into some of best places to eat on the strip.

Lo and behold, we saw this sign when we stepped outside of the hotel:

a sign on a pole

The Buffet at Aria.

The place was beckoning to us.  We decided that we would visit Aria’s The Buffet.  

a blue menu on a table


We got to the restaurant in the nick of time, just shortly before 3PM “dinner” rate.  For those who like to eat all day, the buffet offers an all-day pass during the weekdays.

It is worth noting that the receipt has a small print indicating a 2-hour time limit at the buffet.  I don’t know if the rule is enforced, but there was also no need for us to find out.


a menu with black text

Pricing from Aria’s Buffet Website



Even though we got there in the middle of the day, there was still a short queue. I noticed that tables were available, but it seemed that the restaurant wasn’t staffed adequately.  We paid and waited about 10 minutes before we got in.  I imagine that the queue is longer during regular hours.

The Buffet at Aria has a nice and spacious feel to it.

a restaurant with tables and chairs

View from our table.

Another interesting note:  You would specify the tip amount at check-in —before you eat.  This may not provide any real incentive for the staff to provide great service (more below).


The service is mediocre.  It’s a buffet so I wasn’t really expecting much in the first place.  Aside from taking drink orders when we were first seated, we ended up having to flag our waitress down for anything, including refills.  As with most buffets, you’re not supposed to take used plates to the buffet due to possible contamination with the buffet food.  Since our waitstaff didn’t come by to clear the plates regularly, we ended up having to stack up our plates on the table.  I’d say the service is mediocre at best (2.5 out of 5 stars).


There is a wide selection of food at the buffet. One of the advertised draws of the buffet is the seafood/crab legs. There is usually a queue at the crab legs station, though frankly, I wouldn’t come to the buffet solely for it.

a plate of seafood on a table

For those who are less interested in seafood, there are also decent steak options.  And, if you’re a fan of desserts, you won’t be disappointed:

a display of desserts on plates



a display case with pastries and desserts

Close-up view.

I opted for something light — a small chocolate slice and a scoop of strawberry ice-cream.

a plate of dessert on a table


Would I visit again?

I tend to review places in the context of whether I would visit again.  While the service at The Buffet is mediocre, I generally liked the food options at the buffet. We certainly had a good meal.

While I would like to explore a few other buffets, I wouldn’t mind coming back for a second visit. I also wouldn’t hesitate recommending The Buffet at Aria to family and friends, either.

I might just warn them not to have high expectations of the buffet service, that’s all.