Mrs MJ on Travel is in DC this weekend for a Party in Pink Zumbathon, so I am left alone to run amok all over Atlanta for a couple of days. You might remember that we both recently applied for Global Entry, and while we did our interviews separately, we have both benefited by having greater (but not 100 percent) assurance that we will be picked for TSA PreCheck. MrsMJ took her first flight yesterday afternoon since being approved for Global Entry. Prior to the flight, I dutifully entered her new known traveler number into her profile

On travel day, I reminded her to proceed to the south checkpoint at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), so far, the only checkpoint at ATL with PreCheck. She breezed through, and shortly thereafter, I received the following text message: “OMG! PreCheck Rocks! I did not know I could keep my shoes on!” And that, friends, sums it up. You can increase your chances of being selected for PreCheck if you are a participant in one of the Customs and Border Patrol “known traveler” programs like Global Entry. There is a $100 dollar processing fee per person. But if you carry the Platinum Card from American Express, your fee and that of additional Platinum cardholders (MrsMJ is one) is reimbursed by American Express.