I’m weeding out the credit cards that I’m no longer using as I refocus on financial simplicity, bring my personal balance sheet back to reality, and replenish my cash coffers so I can start tip-toeing back into a focus on miles and points. OK, I’m doing some of this because team MJ on Travel is getting ready to relocate, but I digress. 🙂

Next on my list of cards: The Starwood Preferred Guest Card from American Express. I’ve dithered with the idea of keeping this card. I do appreciate the utility of SPG points, but limited earning potential coupled with Starwood stays becoming a relative rarity for me made this the most likely card to go.


Amex Retention Call: The Results

I dutifully rang up American Express. While I really wanted to cancel the card, I’ll always entertain a retention bonus if it’s offered. The end result: it wasn’t. While I’m fully aware that I could have pressed “0” to talk to a representative, the Amex phone system never even bothered to patch me through to a human being. I told the robot what I was calling for, and it walked me through the process without any human intervention….at all.

I’ve heard retention offers are a relative rarity with this card, so I can’t say I’m surprised. That’s two responses in a row from American Express that mirror each other, though one was at least delivered by a person. “Your account is now closed.” Can’t say I’m surprised given how little I’ve spent on the card recently.

One more business card on my list, and I’m likely done with account closures. I realize what I’m doing is probably the antithesis of what a “miles and points” hobbyist should be doing, but it is something I had to do to get my financial house back in order. So far, I’ve seen no impact on my credit score from my decisions. Still sitting at just over 800.

-MJ, August 25, 2016