Texas de Brazil is a churrascaria (Brazillian steakhouse) restaurant chain with over 40 locations, most of them being in the United States, with a couple locations around the globe. I recently dined here and bought some discounted gift cards, but was hit was a surprise as I tried to pay for the bill.

Sam’s Club and Costco occasionally offer gift card deals for many restaurants, and Texas de Brazil is one of them. On the surface, it looks great! A $100 gift card for only $79.99 (sometimes even $69.99).


Unlike many of the other gift cards places like Sam’s Club and Costco sell for a discount (Flemings, California Pizza Kitchen, etc), the Texas de Brazil cards have a LOAD of restrictions.

From the fine print of the gift card:

“…redeemable for food and beverages only”

“may not be redeemed for cash and GRATUITY”

“Use of card not valid with any other discounts or offers”

Okay, first off, just plain lame. I use my California Pizza Kitchen discounted gift cards for gratuity, and I’ve used Flemings’s dining credits along with my gift cards and never experienced any problems.

Second, Texas de Brazil has many coupons, one current one being $25 off dining for 2 for joining their e-club. So, you wouldn’t be able to get the discount and use these cards! Plus, they even offer 20% off for teachers/military, so the discount from the cards are deemed useless if you qualify for the 20% off.

The Verdict:

I find it partly offensive that Texas de Brazil resorts to all these restrictions. Especially given the fact that they try to promote themselves as an “upscale” dining establishment. They shouldn’t be trying to trick their customers. $50 a person is not cheap, and for that price (considering the meats were subpar, and only the salad bar was good) I will definitely spend elsewhere and eat quality steaks at Flemings, or Ruth’s Chris.

I’m disappointed and I should have read the fine print before purchasing the gift cards. Hope you all don’t make this mistake!

Sigh. Now i still have about $30 left on a gift card which I will not be using. I actually did not save anything on this purchase.