Months of shelter-in-place were a pretty hard thing to bear as an avid traveler. I’ve so often had a trip around the corner, either for work or with the kids, that I’ve gotten used to the anticipation of the “next adventure” being a normal part of life. The three months from mid-February to mid-May was the longest stint I’ve had without flying since late 2016. But even still, I didn’t get desperate enough during that time that I’d visit an airport…to take a pretend vacation.

Alright, alright. Maybe if it had lasted any longer, I would have signed up. After all, airports are one of my favorite places, as it means we’re either embarking on or returning from an adventure. So I can understand why people would want to have this experience at this Taiwanese airport offering “pretend” trips.

Taipei Songshan Airport Offering Pretend Vacations

Taipei Songshan Airport is hosting an airport tour that will allow 90 guests the chance to enjoy a pretend vacation after months of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. The event will last a half day, and passengers will experience some of the typical aspects of air travel, including immigration and boarding a plane. No, it won’t take off, but if you’re missing travel, this might just stave off the fix for a bit. Or it’ll backfire and whet your appetite.

The airport tour events are planned for three different days: Jul 2, 4, and 7. Taipei Songshan is an easy airport to access, as it’s near the middle of Tawian’s sprawling capital city. Since the city has surrounded it, the airport has been unable to grow. Taipei Taoyuan International Airport is Taiwan’s main airport. Both have seen major decreases in traffic, but Songshan has been especially hard hit by the pandemic. With no actual passengers to screen, this might even be a fun diversion for airport employees!


I actually passed through Songshan Airport last year with one of my boys. Although I wasn’t all that impressed, he remembers our airport experience fondly. It was easy to navigate, and so very close to the center of Taipei, which is one of the best features. It’s a bummer that the airport could potentially be dismantled completely.

Until then, maybe we’ll see Songshan offering more tours? Tawian’s borders remain closed to foreign visitors. The country took measures early to contain the spread of coronavirus, and they have come through this remarkably unscathed. Once Taiwan starts welcoming tourists back, I highly recommend a visit. A real visit.