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It was around 9 P.M. and only one person was working the front desk at the Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport. The line to check in was a bit long, about 8 people deep. I wanted to change a room because the room I was assigned to was in the middle of a huge extended family that was very loud next door and hanging out in the hallways. I waited patiently in line, scrolling on my phone.

Then I hear a scream from the lady behind me.

AHHHHHHH!! Look at that disgusting cockroach on the floor. She then runs to the lobby sofa for protection. The cockroach starts charging near me, I shuffle a bit, then the guy in front of me just stomps on that lil’ critter with his large boot.

There, problem solved. He chuckles a bit and we thank him.

The front desk attendant then laughingly shrugs it off and says housekeeping is on its way.

I wonder how often this happens at this hotel lmao.

Now I’ll review the remainder of my stay…



5: Excellent, Highly Recommend
4: Very Good, Solid Choice to Consider
3: Ok, Check Other Options Before Booking
2: Below Par, Try to Avoid
1: Terrible, Run Far Away

Rooms: 2.5/5
Service: 2.5/5
Location: 3/5
Cleanliness In Room: 3/5 (minus that roach in the lobby !)
Sleep Quality: 3.5/5

It’s rated 4/5 on TripAdvisor which is too high if you ask me.

The Hotel+ Service:

The hotel looks quite large from the outside, but once you walk in you can immediately tell it is marketed as a small airport hotel. There was only one person at the front desk at all times and there’s a very tiny lobby. The Crowne Plaza at LAX is much larger and more lively with multiple front desk staff and a more crowded restaurant. This hotel felt like a borderline Hampton Inn/Holiday Inn rather than a Crowne Plaza which is normally more midscale full-service.

The front desk was always nice, just understaffed. To switch a room it took about 20 minutes just waiting in line because there was only one front desk agent.

The shuttle itself was fine, but waiting for it was really slow! I had to wait quite awhile for the shuttle to and from the airport (30 minutes!!)?!

The Room:

The room was standard, what I would expect for a Crowne Plaza at an airport (maybe a bit worse). The beds seemed clean enough, and the bathroom was standard. The tub has seen its better days as it was stained and also did not flow properly…eek. I was actually surprised I got a decent nights rest. I think the front desk agent moved me to a floor with not many guests because the walls were paper thin in my first room and I could hear the conversation next door word for word.

The Verdict:

I certainly won’t pay to stay here, I’m sure there are much better options in the Atlanta Airport area. But since it was on Delta’s dime, I can’t complain too much. But the cockroach incident sure was interesting!


Do you have any interesting (and or gross) hotel stories! Share below!

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