Just what is it that turns normal people stupid when it comes to airport security? Are the rules and regulations really that hard to understand or did IQs just drop sharply while I was away?

Up here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the summer travel season and everyone has had the bright idea to go on holidays. I generally try to avoid travelling during this period of time, because it feels like the lunatics have well and truly been let out of the asylum.

Stupid People Everywhere

Let me begin with the idiotic restriction on liquids. The rules have been in place since 2006, where your bottles must contain less than 100ml of liquid plus they all must fit into a single transparent plastic bag. Overlooking the environmental abomination this is, it’s all pretty simple, right?

Wrong! Having had to travel several times during this summer, apparently nobody got the memo. People (usually ladies and girls) have multiple bags of toiletries and items in excess of the limit which means repacking or discarding things at the security scanners. Everyone else gets to wait in line, patiently.

Clothing Issues

Let’s spare a thought for the poor staff members at security, who need to remind people 200 times a day to make sure pockets are empty. It’s quite a simple thing, but people tend to interpret empty differently. Can I keep my keys? No! Can I keep my wallet? No! What about the loose change? NO! Empty means empty!

People (usually gentlemen and boys) are always being sent back from the scanner because something is in their pocket, usually small change or keys. It is not rocket science, but you’d think it was, judging by how difficult the concept of ’empty pockets’ seems to be.

C’mon Sheeple, You Can Do Better!

Considering most humans are sheeple (a person who follows blindly, like a sheep) to one extent or another, you’d think people would see what others in front are doing. Oh look, the guy in front has removed his bag of toiletries and his laptop while still in the line to the security scanner. That might be a good idea!

But no. Amiable traveller number 47 is too busy rubbernecking (“Wow, so this is an airport!”) to notice. This results in no. 47 arriving at the security conveyor, plonking their bag in a tray, opening it up, pulling out the laptop, taking another minute to rummage around and find the liquids bag – and that’s before they start asking about their jacket, belt, and whether keys in the pocket make a pocket empty or not! Madness!

What Can The Airport Do?

Perhaps airports should get people’s contact details from the airlines and send them an e-mail before flight. Perhaps something with an easy to digest title, like “Tips to Help You Breeze Through Airport Security” or maybe something ritzier like, “Your Guide to Prevent Other Passengers Wanting to Knife You at Airport Security”?

A well placed sign does help, but perhaps something with flashing lights and klaxons would be more appropriate. Really get people’s attention for maximum effect!

Overall Thoughts

Summer will be over soon enough and the stupid people will be back at work, their multiple children back in school and those of us needing to travel can do it in a more relaxed manner.

Perhaps one day, security will evolve to the point where we can just stroll on through with our carry on bags, being scanned along the way, with no need to stop and go through all the palaver. One can dream, right? Until then my patience will continue to be tried by those who leave their brains back home.

Do you sail through airport security really easily or do you get encumbered by stupid people too? Any horror stories to share? Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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