[Update: Alaska is no longer charging carrier surcharges on redemptions. If you paid the hefty charges, you can most probably ask Alaska Airlines for a refund]

This is developing news, and I believe there has been a stealth devaluation on Qatar Airways through Alaska Airlines.

The cost of a mileage redemption has not changed, at least at the saver level. Instead, I am seeing carrier surcharges being imposed on both Economy and Business Class redemptions.

In the screenshot below, the carrier surcharge on a flight from Bangalore to New York in Qatar Airways is nearly US$1,400! Fuel surcharge is just over US$1,000.

a screenshot of a plane

The carrier surcharges are aligned with revenue fares as well, as seen in this screenshot, from Bangalore to New York.

a screenshot of a computer

Changing the flight to be Doha to New York, we still see a carrier surcharge of US$150. Much less than originating in Bangalore, but it still exists.

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I am only just noticing this, but if true, that’s a huge devaluation for those looking to use your Alaska Mileage Plan on Qatar Airways.