There are 3 Priority Pass lounges at Orlando airport. They are The Club MCO in Concourse 1 for gates 1-29, The Club MCO in Concourse 4 near gate 91, and the Plaza Premium Lounge in Terminal C next to gate 241.

Orlando airport consists of 2 Terminals A+B that are next to each other, each of which has 2 trains that take passengers to 4 different concourses.

There is also Terminal C which is the new terminal handling domestic and international flights with 15 gates.

I did not have a chance to access Concourse 4 or Terminal C so this is the Orlando airport Priority Pass lounge review of Club MCO in Concourse 1.


The Chapel:

To the side of the platform where the train leaves is a chapel. It is a lovely place, perfect if you need a few minutes of quiet contemplation or prayer.

There is a plaque commemorating the creation of “A place for quiet reflection and solitude for visitors of all faiths”.

It was nice to notice it. They are not always as noticeable or as easily accessible.

There are places for prayer in all airports but I have only noticed a few. There is even a prayer room in the Capitol One lounge in Dallas/Fort Worth airport.


Terminal A Concourse 1:

As you get off the train from the terminal you enter an atrium. There are 3 spokes going out from the atrium each of which handles up to 10 gates.

The atrium is where you will find restaurants, shops, lounges, chairs and benches for waiting.

On the left next to Express Spa is The Club MCO. It is the smallest lounge I have been into in my travels but they do have quite a lot of seats.

The Club MCO

The lovely lady at reception took my name and number and said she would text me when there was room for me. I got the message within about 3 minutes and so in I went.

A few meters in and there is a split, you can go left to a seating area or right to a seating area that has the food area and a small bar.

I got a seat at the bar, ordered a margarita and then looked around.

The food area is against the furthest wall with views of the tarmac so I wandered over.

Some nice salads, sliders, fruit, snack items, brownies, a soup, sodas, a coffee machine, water. A pleasant layout for a small facility.

I decided on the soup, a cream of potato soup with bacon, and some salad items.

Oh my gosh, the soup was one of the nicest I have ever had. When it was finished I went straight over and poured another bowl. It was a delight.

Soon my hour was up and I caught the train over to Concourse 2 for my flight.



So that is my Orlando airport Priority Pass lounge review. It was not as glamorous or as spacious as other lounges but it is a good use of space and the drink and the food were really good.

I will definitely pop in next time I am in Orlando airport. Hopefully I will also have the opportunity to see the lounges in Concourse 4 and Terminal C.