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SoFi Money just won’t quit incentivizing folks to sign up for their products. They’ve been offering $25 (down from $50) for signing up for a new SoFi Money account, an excellent option for international travelers, as ATM fees are waived worldwide. Here’s my rundown on the product.

But now there’s more: SoFi has increased their offer on new SoFi Invest accounts to $100 in free stock.

SoFi Invest Bonus Details

SoFi Invest is offering you $100 of a stock of your choice if you fund an account with at least $1,000. You don’t need to actually invest the $1,000 in stock as well, you just need to transfer it to the SoFi Invest account. Once your account is funded, the bonus stock will post within 10 days. You can pick you stock from top companies, including Amazon, Tesla, and Disney.

Link to SoFi Invest Offer

Once you’ve set up your own account, you can also earn $100 per person you refer to a new SoFi Invest account! This is up from the previous offer of $50 per referral.

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You can also get $25 in Bitcoin when you make your first crypto-currency trade.


While this new offer for $100 in stock requires a much larger deposit than the previous SoFi Invest offers, it’s a potentially excellent deal. You can get $100 with some top companies. The first step is to still open a new SoFi Money account, then move on to opening a new SoFi Invest account.

Link to SoFi Money Offer

You get $25 cash for the former, $100 in stock of the latter, and you may even be targeted for a direct deposit deal that could earn you another $100. Not a bad bonus for just a little effort.