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SoFi Money is an excellent cash management account for travelers. With no monthly fees and refunded ATM fees worldwide (as long as the terminal bears the Visa®, Plus®, or NYCE® logo, which is most), it is all upside and no downside when it comes to using SoFi Money for international travel. I was really pleased after testing my SoFi money card on a recent trip to Barcelona, where the ATM fees were refunded instantly, as expected.

On top of that, SoFi Money offers $25 (down from $50), just for signing up and depositing $100 into your account. It’s super easy money, requiring no hard pull and a very minimal deposit!

Link to $25 SoFi Bonus Offer

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My Experience Using SoFi Money at an ATM in Barcelona

I arrived with a single €5 note in my wallet, the leftovers from a previous trip to Europe. I typically pull out a little cash, just to have available in a pinch, and I like to do so on arrival. However, airport ATMs can sometimes be some of the worst of the bunch, offering poor exchange rates and high fees.

This is exactly what I encountered with the first ATM where I tried my SoFi Money card. The exchange rates was an abysmal 0.837 EUR for 1 USD. Plus, the fee was an incredible €5.00. This was enough to make me move on to the adjacent option. I would assume SoFi would still refund the massive fee, but I decided not to test it.

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The next ATM was better, offering 0.873 EUR per dollar, plus a €1.75 fee. This still isn’t a great exchange rate, considering the going rate should be closer to 0.89 EUR per USD, but this should only amount to ~40 cents of loss on the transaction. Saving the €1.75 is fantastic.

I navigated the ATM, electing to withdraw just €20. It should be enough for the small stuff I might encounter, and I could always pull out more now that I’m not worried about getting feed to death with multiple withdrawals.

Within a minute after completing the transaction, I received a notification on my phone from the SoFi Money app. Yes, it is that quick! The SoFi app showed an instant refund of $1.94, which is the converted amount of the €1.75 fee. The instant fee refunds make SoFi Money a fantastic travel account and debit card to carry when you’re out of the country.

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SoFi Money $25 Bonus Offer

If you haven’t already signed up for SoFi Money, here is the current offer for signing up for a new SoFi Money account:

  • Free to sign up
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • No account fees
  • Deposit $100 to earn a $25 sign-up bonus offer
  • ATM fees instantly refunded worldwide at ATMs bearing the Visa®, Plus®, or NYCE® logo (which is most)
  • Easy ACH money transfer between your SoFi account and other bank accounts
  • Current interest rate of 1.6% APY on your SoFi Money funds

Signing up for SoFi Money takes less then 3 minutes. They make it quick and easy to set up a new account, and many major banks will allow funds transfer nearly instantly. If you bank at a credit union, like I do, the process can take a few more days. The bonus typically posts 1-2 days after you make the required deposit.

Link to $25 Bonus Offer

With the ability to have ATM fees instantly refunded and no minimum account balance or fees, SoFi Money is definitely my go-to travel debit account. Plus, the card just looks snazzy.