What a difference a couple of months makes! I passed through the British Airways first class lounge in February and had an astonishingly good Champagne afternoon tea.

Fast forward to April and I had five hours to kill in the lounge after my flight in Club Suites from Seattle and before my connection to Dublin. It was afternoon, and that meant I was looking to do the same again.

Where is the Champagne Afternoon Tea?

Now I was pretty impressed with the Champagne afternoon tea in February, and I gushed about it at the time. I mean, these bad boys arrived at my table, much to my pleasant astonishment.

Once I arrived and sat down, I checked out the menu on the app and noticed the standard afternoon tea being offered. I decided to sit it out and see if the good one appeared and alas, it never did. Eventually I just ordered a curry.

Having a think about it, was there some kind of mistake made back in February? Perhaps this kind of setup was for the Concorde Room only and someone popped it onto the Galleries First Class menu by mistake the day I was there. Was there a glut of sandwiches and macaroons to get through? Or maybe it was put into the too hard basket and just removed?

Overall Thoughts

Quite frankly the Champagne Afternoon Tea is glorious and screams British in every respect and by extension British Airways. Not being one to regularly fly in first class internationally, perhaps it is something that is only offered in the Concorde Room. Though I could be wrong.

It is quite a shame it’s not offered as standard in the first class lounge (unless it is?) as I think a touch of elegance in the food service is really needed there. Hey, I’d pretty much say anything to get my hands on another one, but that is what I think.

Have you ever had this Champagne afternoon tea before? Any ideas on where it might be hiding? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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