This fascinating story from the NY Post (yes, take it with a grain of salt) talks about a British airline stewardess sharing plenty of tantalizing stories of sex between airline employees (pilots, flight attendants) as well as passengers! It was a great read, making you think about each flight you ever have taken – maybe some of this occurred!


a cartoon of a girl with her hands together

To avoid any legal issues, here is a cartoon flight attendant.

First Class: Have A Lady For Dessert

According to the anonymous source, another stewardess “was caught getting [business] on board as a prostitute” with business cards! Vastly wealthy business and first class men could enjoy a quick romp in her hotel room. What a lucrative and intriguing business concept – turn tricks through targeting higher income consumers for a valuable yet illicit good.


Pilots & Flight Attendants: Please Have Your Clothes in The Off Position

Apparently, there is a “crew rest area” where pilots and air hostesses engage in horizontal acts, in the back of the cockpit. According to the cabin crew worker “pilots have bunkbeds at the back of the cockpit” where the action happens. I suppose, when the mood strikes, these tight, enclosed, and cramped spaces will do.


Cheaters Gonna Cheat

She also claims that a cheating pilot hooked up with his air-hostess girlfriend – while his wife was on board! Luckily (for them, at least) they did not get caught. It is also common for younger stewardesses to go out with older pilots, who may prey on their naivety. Perhaps if there was a stewardess mentorship program and more training, this would not happen as much, but to be fair: everyone involved is a consenting adult, so to each their own.


two men in the cockpit of an airplane

Monogamous, I think not?

Party at the hotel

Under-21 staff party in the rooms, going crazy with pilots & threesomes. As they aren’t able to enjoy themselves outside, they will need to make do at the hotels. Staff get up to three days to explore in an area before flying back home – that sounds like such an interesting experience.


More Stories

There are more stories of revenge against unruly and rowdy consumers, but they span from the range of petty to brilliantly creative. An interesting read overall.



Perhaps this is for international flights, but I am struggling to think of domestic United States flights where these activities could occur, especially the onboard trysts. They don’t have bunkbeds or places large enough to congregate, making these acts more difficult. Of course, the targeting of first/business class customers could happen without a doubt. Maybe it’s a don’t ask don’t tell type of environment!


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