I’ve blogged previously about MrandMrsMJonTravel taking a big trip to Italy this fall, including a 14-night repositioning cruise aboard the then brand new Celebrity Reflection. I say “then” because she’s still in the shipyard being constructed, and our cruise will be her third revenue sailing. Take a look at this video of her first steel cutting.

The big logistical items for the trip are taken care of. Flights to Rome, and from Barcelona are now reserved (with miles, of course), and the cruise was booked during our big trip on Allure of the Seas in November. But this trip is more than a cruise, it’s an important birthday celebration and I want to do it right. Fortunately, I have a great travel agent I can work with on some things. But there are other trip details that I want to do on my own. I mean…how can I profess to write a travel blog if I don’t take care of it myself?! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sounds like the making of a blogging series, so that it will be. It even gets its own category, MJonItaly. Since a big component of this trip is a 14-night cruise that originates in Venice and ends in Barcelona with several countries in between, the whole trip is about more than Italy. Frankly, I’ve never cruised on such a new ship and this will be my longest single cruise ever. I get quite a bit of traffic from travelers searching for information on cruising and individual cruise ship experiences, so I’m lead to start another category for the blog, MJonCruising. I’ll have a lot to say on all of this in the next several months. Stay tuned!