Airline alliances rarely operate lounge facilities of their own. The individual airlines usually open a lounge at a particular station and the alliance flyers then have access automatically. This is why it has taken almost 25 years for a oneworld lounge to be opened.

This facility is in Seoul, is 555 square metres in size and seats up to 148 people. No oneworld airlines are based in the South Korean capital city, but seven of them do serve the airport, so it makes sense for there to be a common lounge located there.

The New Oneworld Lounge

The oneworld press release states the lounge was created with Swissport, the ground handling company responsible for the ASPIRE lounges around the world. I’ve never thought much of these lounges personally, so I raised an eyebrow at the use of “award-winning ASPIRE Airport Lounges” to describe them.

Happily, the lounge design seems to be quite nice. For some reason it reminds me of the Scandinavian vibe you might find in the Finnair Platinum Wing in Helsinki. I know it is supposed to have some hints of South Korea, but having not been there, they were lost on me.

Overall Thoughts

I really don’t think you will find a oneworld lounge at an airport near you anytime soon. People have been speculating that it might happen in Amsterdam since the closure of the British Airways lounge, but I’ve seen no evidence for this.

For myself, I am not really a fan of a generic airport lounge and while this looks good, it hasn’t inspired me in any way. The excitement for me is seeing what the airlines have done to differentiate themselves from the pack. It’s why the Cathay Pacific lounges are still some of the greatest out there, with their fabulous design by Studio Ilse.

What do you think of the new oneworld lounge in Seoul? Are there any particular non-airline lounges that you’ve found to be amazing? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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All images via oneworld.