Sweeping views over the tarmac and floods of natural light are just two features of the British Airways Lounge at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The lounge is located near the D gates as lounge number 40 and is much nicer than the previous lounge.

Amsterdam Schiphol is a large airport and there is always a lot of walking when there. The BA lounge is a little bit difficult to find as there are some renovations going on however once there it is lovely.

Amsterdam Lounge Entrance

The entrance to the lounge is through a pair of automatic sliding doors. To your left and right are podiums where the lounge dragons live while in the middle is a feature wall with a Speedmarque.

As you turn right into the main lounge, the first thing that strikes you is the view. Windows are almost floor to ceiling and there is a lot of airport action to see.

I like to have a lounge with a view as being able to see the planes is what makes visiting an airport quite special. Windowless lounges are terrible!

Amsterdam Lounge Furnishing

There are lots of square tables for two directly opposite the food serving area. Tables are white, with black and grey seats. By the window are groups of comfortable chairs.

Further into the lounge there is a small area with a television on quietly as well as a shared business table where people can work. At the back are high and low backed seats with side tables or coffee tables.

Single red swivel chairs with a round table each run along the window at the back of the lounge. I camped out here when I visited and found them perfectly comfortable.

Overall the design is very much aligned to the new refurbished lounge style that British Airways is rolling out gradually.

Quite Delicious Food

In the Amsterdam lounge the selection of food was not as comprehensive as I expected. I think the lack of a hot option took me by surprise as everything is cold.

Salad is the meal of choice in the afternoon with both a Four Seasons Salad and Pasta Salad on offer. There are also olives, pickles, radish, grapes, cucumber and bread on offer.

Vegetable soup is on offer as well as continental cheese and meats. These looked a little forlorn all alone in their storage area.

I decided to have the pasta salad which I found bursting with taste. I also had a vegetable soup which is quite yummy too.

Crisps and other bits were also consumed and all passed muster.

Drinks, Anyone?

My drinking on this day was limited to water however there is quite a decent choice to suit all tastes. There is vodka, wine, gin, port and whiskey to name but a few libations on offer.

Naturally there are also coffee machines as well as tea available. The juice seemed to be popular as they were almost out of it in the big dispensers.

Underneath the counters is where cans of beer and bottles of water wait for someone to claim them. On this occasion I did not get a picture so you can just use your imagination.

Overall Thoughts

While not an overly large space, the British Airways lounge at Amsterdam Schiphol has been designed to cater for virtually every kind of passenger. From business people to leisure travellers to solo flyers to groups there is a spot for just about everyone. While hot food would have been nice, the selection of cold dishes suits the time of day. All items were very tasty and not bland which is impressive.

Wirless internet is quite fast as it is with all British Airways lounges. Toilets are shared with the Aspire lounge next door and you have to leave the lounge to access them. That isn’t too big a deal as they are only a few steps away near the stairs and lifts.

Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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