In a nutshell: the Seattle Airport Marriott offers very comfortable rooms within easy access of the airport and consistent shuttle. The downsides are that the lounge is not currently operating and the restaurant breakfast is a bit sub-par during COVID-19. 

At the end of August I took a quick trip to Istanbul, Turkey. The outbound required an overnight in Seattle, though. I was looking to fly an Airbus A340 before Lufthansa potentially retires all of theirs. It was an unfortunate that I needed to overnight, but this was honestly the easiest option with an evening departure out of my local airport.

There are a number of good hotels very close to Seattle Airport. I’ve previously stayed at the Hilton, and almost booked it again. However, the Seattle Airport Marriott had a good package rate that included breakfast and still rang in less than the Hilton down the street. The stay came to $123.39 after taxes and earned me a total of 4,584 Bonvoy points which I value at ~$41, thanks to the current Marriott promotion. Hard to beat 33% back.

Arriving at the Seattle Airport Marriott

My flight into Seattle landed pretty late. The Seattle Airport Marriott operates a shuttle, but I decided to make the walk from the terminal. This is how I’d gotten to the Hilton before. Without much luggage, it’s pretty easy and a nice stretch of the legs after being on a plane for a couple hours.

However, the Marriott is further up the hill and a bit more of a trek. I would definitely suggest taking the shuttle, which is what I did when returning to the airport the next day. It operates every 20 minutes, and you do not need a reservation.

Seattle Airport Marriott shuttle

Check-in was quick and easy. There were a couple other people in the lobby checking in, and several in the restaurant still. Social distancing standards were being maintained in the lobby, and there were plastic divider up in front of the front desk staff. Everyone I saw was wearing a face covering, except for people seated in the restaurant.

Seattle Airport Marriott lobby

The rate I’d booked was the concierge rate, which would have included lounge access. This was oddly barely more expensive that the cheapest Advance Purchase rate, and totally worth the few dollar upcharge. In lieu of lounge access, the hotel provided a voucher for the restaurant. You could select either breakfast or evening hors d’oeuvres, which doesn’t seem quite enough, as the lounge would normally give you access to both.

King Room

I’d booked a standard king room, and this is what I was given for my one-night stay. I used to have Marriott Titanium elite status, but this was reduced to Gold for 2020. An upgrade was not expected nor granted. Even with a few nights and the extra nights, I don’t think I’ll land higher than Gold for 2021.

The room was very comfortable and stylish. It had a corner sofa, well-lit work desk, and

Seattle Airport Marriott review

I really liked the style of the lamps next to the bed. There were plenty of easy-access power outlets as well, which is a necessary feature in the 21st century.

I spent the early morning working at the desk, even making myself a cup of in-room coffee. I generally avoid it, unless it’s an upscale Nespresso machine. I’m not an advocate for single-pod coffee, except in hotels.

Seattle Airport Marriott desk

The bathroom was very nice as well, with a tiled shower. There is no bathtub in the room.

Seattle Airport Marriott bathroom

My view was of the trees lining the street. There’s not anything to see around the airport or any sort of airport view. I’ll definitely splurge for a nice airport view, when possible. Our stay at the San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront came to mind during the stay, where my older kids and I watched plane after plane land at SFO from our executive suite.


As I mentioned, the concierge rate included a breakfast voucher. The offering for the complimentary breakfast is pretty limited. You can choose between an All American breakfast or a daily special that changes based on the day of the week. There is a limited menu for purchase as well. I’m not sure if these are the normal restaurant offerings, or if things are different during COVID-19. I really would have preferred the egg white frittata, but I went with the All American breakfast. 

Pretty standard fare. The bacon and eggs were good, but the potatoes could have been better. I’m glad it was essentially free. The server was nice, but rather inattentive aside from taking my order and bringing me the food. I had to flag her down for more coffee. All the restaurant staff wore face coverings. The restaurant is the one place they aren’t required in the hotel, once you’re seated.

Seattle Airport Marriott breakfast

The restaurant space is fairly nice. There were only 4 or 5 other people during breakfast. Some tables were not being used so that the restaurant could offer proper social distancing. the restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Seattle Airport Marriott restaurant

General Hotel and Facilities

The Seattle Airport Marriott has a large atrium area with seating, a fountain, and indoor plants. There wasn’t anything going on, obviously, during the pandemic. The hotel has other event space as well, with enough capacity for 800 people. At the time, it was super quiet and likely will continue to be until more restrictions are lifted.

The Seattle Airport Marriott does have a fitness center. This was open, but you have to wear a face mask. I can’t imagine trying to exercise with a mask on, and I typically avoid hotel fitness centers anyway, so this wasn’t even on the radar.

One final weird note: the hallways were cold. Ice cold. I usually keep the room thermostat between 68 and 70 degrees, and the hallway could have been a full 10 degrees colder. Seriously. Luckily you don’t spend long out there. The rest of the public spaces were fine.

Final Thoughts on the Seattle Airport Marriott

The Seattle Airport Marriott is a fine choice if you have to overnight near SeaTac Airport. The rooms are very comfortable and I slept great on my quick overnight. Breakfast is pretty meh, but I couldn’t complain for what I paid. The hotel had some guests, even though it did not appear especially busy during the travel downturn that COVID-19 has caused. I’d happily stay here again the future, especially for the rate the hotel was asking. The one thing I would not do again is make the walk to the hotel from the airport. The Seattle Airport Marriott is just a little too far.