Royal Caribbean International is now offering unlimited internet packages for purchase before you board your cruise. I was just shopping for some other amenities for our upcoming Enchantment of the Seas cruise when this caught my eye.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 7.55.49 PM

Just for grins, I decided to run through the purchase process. It’s very easy, and the pricing is somewhat reasonable at $20 per day for one device. A two-device package is $30 per day. I’m assuming for the time being that the packages work somewhat like those available on Quantum of the Seas in that I can log off one device and onto another device as needed. In other words, I can keep my smartphone connected part of the time, and when I need to work on the computer, I can log off the smartphone and onto my computer using the same package. According to a poster on Cruise Critic, ships equipped with Royal’s fastest internet are offering the packages at $15 per day for one device and $22.50 for two.

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I really like the idea of unlimited internet packages. They enable me to manage costs going into the trip. While most cruises are vacation for me, it is rarely possible for me to just disappear from the grid for days at a time. The other good thing about being able to buy internet packages in advance is that I can charge it to my business card (or my Sapphire Preferred card for 2X UR points 😉 )separately from my other onboard expenses. This enables me to better account for legitimate business expenses vs. being mixed in with the spa and bar bill.

Bottom line – good move by Royal Caribbean. Get ready for more selfies from your friends on cruises.

-MJ, July 7, 2015