Royal Caribbean has been one of the stingiest when it comes to bringing your own “provisions” on board. Most cruise lines allow for two bottles of wine per stateroom, and Disney lets you bring just about anything you want as long as you don’t consume it in the public lounges. In the last year or 2, Royal Caribbean relented a bit and began allowing guests to bring their own wine on board with a limit of two bottles as well.

One thing that didn’t change was a corkage fee of $25 if you wanted to enjoy your wine at dinner. A lot of people prefer to bring their own wine, sometimes for personal preference, and sometimes for budget reasons. One of my travel agent contacts emailed me last night with a bit of good news. Effective immediately, Royal Caribbean is eliminating corkage fees when consuming your own wine in “any shipboard restaurant, bar or dining venue.”

Feel free to enjoy your own wine without an extra charge on your next Royal Caribbean cruise!

-MJ, October 11, 2014