A Roman holiday. Photo courtesy of reader James Alan Wilson.

A Roman holiday. Photo courtesy of reader James Alan Wilson.

Rome is known for its history, culture, art, lifestyle – and, increasingly, high tourist taxes.

As of today, the Telegraph reports, the Eternal City’s hotel tax will double for many travelers.

The tax hike makes the hotel tax in Rome the most expensive in Italy and more expensive than in London, Paris and Berlin, according to a story by Italian business publication investireoggi. In Italian, the tax is called “la tassa di soggiorno.”

How much extra travelers will pay depends on the type of hotel you’re staying in.  The Telegraph reports:

  • A five-star hotel stay will now cost more than $9 (based on today’s currency conversion rate) per person per night, up from about $4
  • A four-star stay will now cost nearly $8, up from about $4
  • A three-star accommodation will now be charged more than $5, up from nearly $3


The taxes for hotels with one and two stars also increased. Exceptions include people staying in youth hostels and campers, the Telegraph says.

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I remember reporting when Rome first adopted a tourist tax in 2011 to help ease its budget crunch.

If you’re going on a tour in the short term, you may not have to spend the extra money on taxes. Tour operator officials complained to the Telegraph that the short notice given prohibits them from passing the cost on to their customers. Tour operators will be forced to absorb the fees since they can’t go back to clients with increased surcharges, Jennifer Tombaugh, president of the tour provider Tauck, told the Telegraph.

“The finances of Rome must be in a desperate condition for them to resort to such a move,” European Tour Operators Association CEO Tom Jenkins told the paper.

Readers: Comments on the increased hotel tax?

Reader James Alan Wilson's hotel in Rome during his family's recent vacation.

Reader James Alan Wilson’s hotel in Rome during his family’s recent vacation.