UPDATE: Delta replied in 48 days, on August 23rd!

Delta Complaint:

Earlier this month I posted, Been A Month And Delta Hasn’t Replied: Is That Reasonable? Originally, the auto-reply email to my Delta complaint stated that I would receive a response “long before 30 days has passed”.

I did ask the Twitter team a month ago and the Twitter representative stated… “It may take up to 30-45 days.”

Now, its been more than 45 days, and Twitter responded yet again with another delay. Now responses are 45-60 “business” days? Sheesh.

Delta Complaint


I wonder if they’ll change the Delta Complaint response time to 60-75 days, then eventually 75-90 days? Like people say about the Skymiles program, #KeepDescending.


How long have you waited for an airline to respond back to you? Comment Below! Do you think a 45-60 days is reasonable?


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