The Titanic Hotel Belfast opened on 10 September 2017, after a €32 million development cost. It is situated in the historic Harland & Wolff headquarters offices, the company that built ocean liners for The White Star Line such as the RMS Titanic.

I was visiting Northern Ireland’s capital city to attend a music festival at Titanic Slipways. As that was right beside the hotel and since I’d wanted to check out the place for ages, I duly made a booking. Two nights room only set me back €386.96 (£331, US$407, AU$585).

Check-In Experience

This is a luxury hotel (if you couldn’t tell from the price) and everything is as expected. Check-in was fast and seamless, with the staff member explaining the various bars, restaurants and the breakfast arrangement. Next I was directed the the lift to head off to my room.

All the staircases feature framed photographs and some travel posters from the ocean liner era. It’s well worth checking up and down the stairs to see all the history.

Room 108

My room was on the first floor and when I entered I was immediately struck by the high ceilings. You might have an impression of what that means, but truly, these were extremely high! The room has a few nods to history with the choice of artwork and overall design.

Windows feature heavy drapes to keep out the light and the air conditioning is high powered and responsive. In fact, I put it on too cold and when I selected a warmer temperature, I managed to fog up the windows!

The tea selection was three Chamomile and one Irish Breakfast, which was weird as I think more people would prefer the latter. Even when I had one of each, they were replaced the same. Two bottles of water are present and these are replaced daily, so drink up!

Beds are less firm than I like, but not too soft either. Quite comfortable with all the pillows, that’s for sure. Rooms also have free WiFi which is quite fast and is available throughout the hotel.

A Retro Bathroom

Perhaps the biggest nod to the history in the Titanic Hotel is the bathroom, with its very early 20th century styling. The basin is a standout feature, as are the tiles of course, which give a very clean look.

Showering was excellent, with just the right amount of pressure, plus the hot water arrived pretty much instantly. I found no fault with anything here, it’s lovely as far as bathrooms go!

Drawing Office Two Bar and Dining Options

Drawing Office Two was, as the name suggests, one of the two rooms in the building where engineers would draw up plans for ocean liners. The rooms feature skylights because you need light when drawing… obviously! It has been converted into a lovely bar, which also does food from midday to 9:30pm.

I love the comfortable blue couches along the sides of the room and the airy space. It’s really very nice! Titanic Hotel Belfast also has a fine dining restaurant called The Wolff Grill and you can read my review here.

Room Service Breakfast

Breakfast is served in The Wolff Grill, but you can also have it served to your room. Breakfast costs £13.50 if you add it to your room cost, plus a £5 tray charge for the room service. I picked all the things I want and hung the order on my door.

Next morning, right on time, breakfast was delivered. She did say that I hadn’t paid and I didn’t query it and it turns out the cost is £21.00 when paying directly. The guy at reception had said to add it there as it would be cheaper and he was not wrong!

Anyway, the food was quite nice though I clearly ordered too much. For once I had to leave a few bits but I did pretty well. No complaints at all with the spread.

At check-out, he said I owed £13.50 for the breakfast, so I just said no, they charged me at the room. No quibbles at all about that, which is good. I mean it was £18.50 (£13.50 plus £5 to the room) vs £21.00 I was charged, and I can live with the £2.50 difference.

Overall Thoughts

Titanic Hotel Belfast is a must stay destination hotel as far as I am concerned. History buffs and ocean liner aficionados will be in total heaven staying here as there is so much to see.

There were events on the whole time I was there, so it’s a place to celebrate weddings, anniversaries and all of that. Lots of people running around dressed up to the nines for their celebrations, so the hotel has a great vibe around it.

All of that coupled with efficient service, friendly and attractive staff, comfortable beds, quiet rooms and the dining options make it a winner in my book. I will be staying here again, there is no doubt about that.

Have you visited the Titanic Hotel Belfast before? What do you think, having seen this review or in your own experience? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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