Terminal 1 at Lyon Airport in France has a lounge called Salon Hegoa which is used by British Airways. It is always nice when a third party lounge surprises you and I am pleased to report this is one of those times.

After security screening you turn left and the lounge is at one end of the terminal. When I entered, I showed my boarding pass and immediately noted how small the place is.

Salon Hegoa

The space is divided up quite nicely so it is not as small as it first appeared. It is quite possible to not be sitting right beside people but at busy times I daresay you would find it crowded.

Lime green and brown seating looks quite peppy and I found it a nice pick me up for the morning. Drinks are self service I avoided the alcohol and chose to have some juice.

A fridge has sandwiches, yoghurt and lots of delicious looking small bites. I took a few bits from here and found them to be very tasty.

As it was breakfast time when I visited, croissants, danish and other breakfast items were available. It surprised me how good the offering is for such a small lounge.

Speak French?

Lyon Airport have a video on YouTube which shows the lounge in all its glory. If you speak French you will understand what is being said and if not you will still get a very good look around the lounge.

It is good for me that airports don’t do this as a common thing. I would have less to review if that were the case!

Overall Thoughts

Pleasantly surprised are the two words that spring to mind for my visit to this lounge. It is a nice space to spend an hour or less relaxing in before your flight. The food is worth trying, it is quiet, clean and well lit. What more could anyone want?

Thank you very much for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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