To be quite frank, the Radisson Blu Airport Terminal Hotel at Arlanda Airport Sky City is a standard airport hotel. It does the job for an overnight stay between flights. The real unexpected stand out is the lovely food in their restaurant.

Stockholm Arlanda is a very pleasant airport, in fact I stayed overnight there last year, hanging out in the terminal rather than forking out for a hotel. This time, it was a hotel for me.

Radisson Blu Airport Terminal Hotel

I checked in online beforehand, sending them all my details including a photo of my Passport and my credit card details. This meant that when I arrived the agent heard my name and handed me my key card. Simple!

There is nothing wrong with the room and the bed provided a comfortable sleep. Air conditioning kept the room at a pleasant temperature and it was quiet.

How About The Bathroom?

Decked out in white marble, this is the only place showing some real wear and tear. There was some water staining in the bath and the seal around it looked worn.

Shower pressure is excellent and the products did the job. Towels were clean, which is to be expected from a hotel, and so was the bathroom. While it didn’t look impressive, it is adequate.

Sky Horizon Restaurant

Since I arrived around 5:30pm or so, the receptionist pointed out their restaurant was just to the right as you exited the hotel. I planned to eat and so I decided to visit. I’m glad I did!

A very friendly server advised me I could sit anywhere, so I avoided the first area filled with people and sat on my own further into the restaurant. Within seconds I had a menu in my hand and a carafe of water and glass arrived. As soon as I put the menu down, she was back to take my order.

Honestly, everything I ordered was extremely delicious. Completely flavourful, fresh, tasty and it all just worked. All in, I think my bill for dinner was €30 which is reasonable. The waitress said I was her favourite customer of the night by far, probably because of my effusive compliments!

Overall Thoughts

The Radisson Blu Airport Terminal hotel at Arlanda Airport is perfect for an overnight stay. It is located in Sky City which is the area between the terminals, so it is an easy walk from wherever you arrive.

Rooms are satisfactory and comfortable, but the real stand out is the restaurant. Anyone can go there, so if you find yourself between flights at Arlanda or are staying in the hotel, I would definitely give it a whirl. Great, friendly service, a decent price point, and gorgeous food!

Have you stayed in the Radisson Blu Airport Terminal hotel at Stockholm Arlanda Airport? What did you think? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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