When you fly into Atlanta, there are 9 unique Sky Clubs to choose from. And, since the Plane Train at Atlanta connects all the concourses together inside the secured area, you can lounge hop quite easily and do not have to go to the Sky Club located in your concourse. When I arrived in Atlanta, I visited the Sky Club located in Concourse B, which is the largest in Atlanta. I liked that lounge, despite it missing the outdoor Sky Deck and showers. Before my flight back to Newark, I wanted to visit the Atlanta AMEX Centurion Lounge. Sadly, there was a decent line out the door, and I didn’t have too much time before my flight, so I decided to check out the Concourse F Sky Club which had no line. However, I ended up not really liking the Concourse F Sky Club, as I will go into more detail in this review.

Concourse F generally handles international flights, so I thought the Sky Club would be nicer here, though I was disappointed.

Access & Location

The Delta Atlanta Sky Club Concourse F is located on the Mezzanine Level.

As of my June 2024 visit, the hours are daily from 6:45 am to midnight.

You can check this full list regarding Sky Club access rules if you’d like but some highlights include:

  • AMEX Platinum or Centurion- if flying on Delta & not in Basic Economy
  • Flying on Delta One
  • Sky Club Members- not in Basic Economy

You will be able to access Delta Sky Clubs anytime within 3 hours of their scheduled departure time (or connecting customers can access the connecting airport at any time before departure).

Beginning February 1st, 2025, those with access from AMEX Platinum will receive 10 visits a year (15 for the Delta Reserve Card) or need to spend $75k on the card in 2024 to receive unlimited access.

The Lounge & Seating

Once you pass the reception desks, you’re kind of thrown into the main buffet area. I thought it was a weird design, and the buffet area is quite small. Next to the buffet area is a full-sized bar, the restrooms, and in front of all of this is Sky Deck.

a white reception desk in the Delta Sky Club Concourse F


The buffet area just felt messy, and hectic. It also did not seem the most sanitary or organized.

Buffet Area in the Delta Sky Club Concourse F

Buffet and Bar Area

a counter with food items on it

Buffet Offerings

If you head right, there is a ton of seating, plus a staircase that leads to a small upstairs area of seats.

a group of people sitting in a lounge area at the Atlanta Delta Sky Club Concourse F

Lounge Seating

a group of people sitting in a room with glass railings

Some Upstairs Seating

If you head left past the buffet, there is a hall of seating options that vary from a half sofa to traditional dining tables. I found a dining table to rest in during my visit. At the end of this hallway, are shower suites.

a group of people sitting in chairs in a room


Sky Deck

The Sky Deck was cute, though the Atlanta summer heat made it not uncomfortable to lounge outside. Only one person was sitting outside during my visit.

outdoor deck at the Atlanta Delta Sky Club Concourse F

Sky Deck

Food Options

At the main buffet area, there were hot options such as St Louis Pork Ribs, Chicken, Cornbread, Squash, and Mac and Cheese. Plus, there was a tortilla soup and tomato bisque. The center table included cold cuts, a salad bar, and cold sandwiches. There was also a station for brownies and cookies.

Prepackaged Ms. Vickies chips were available in front of the bar which was nice since I do like those chips.

On the left side seating, there was a unique Popcorn machine setup.

a machine with popcorn inside

Popcorn Machine

The Verdict

The Delta Sky Club Concourse F in Atlanta is definitely not my favorite Sky Club by a long shot. I would very much prefer the Sky Club in Concourse B. Unless you really want to be outside on the Sky Deck, I would skip a visit to the Concourse F Sky Club.


Have you visited the Delta Sky Club Concourse F in Atlanta before? How was your visit? Comment below!




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