I spent one night at the Crowne Plaza Cleveland at Playhouse Square, mainly because it was relatively inexpensive. All other hotels that Friday night were much pricier and this one was reasonable by comparison.

It was still $267.81 for the night and despite my confirmation reading, “Standard Room, 1 King Bed (Lake Erie View)” that certainly was not the case. My view was of the building next door, but I didn’t really notice as I had forgotten what I had booked.


After a short walk from the Kimpton Schofield where I had spent the previous five nights, I arrived here. Even though it was a little after midday, I thought I’d give check-in a try, even though the official time is from 3pm.

Without any prompting or fuss, I was checked in and given a key for a room on the 9th floor. That was really pleasing, as I hate having to leave bags and come back later.

A Room On Playhouse Square

Happily the room was exactly like the pictures on the Crowne Plaza website. I mean, I should expect this these days, but you never know what you’ll find. Inside were all the usual things you’d expect in a hotel room from a major chain.

When sleeping, I found the bed to be comfortable and of course the room had individual climate control. The placement of the fridge vexed me though, as it seems to have been plonked there as an afterthought.

The Bathroom

Certain things aged the room, like the light switches and plug sockets. The bathroom also is fairly dated, but it was certainly clean and well kept in spite of that.

Amusingly, the bath seemed almost comically small, but I suppose it would be easy to fill and not require lots of water. Either way I didn’t try it, as it was showers all round for me.

Room Service

Try finding a room service menu online and I’ll give you a prize. I eventually called down and asked for a burger with tater tots, which they assured me would arrive soon. Later on, I heard knocks on doors down the hall announcing room service, a couple of times. My phone then rang and it seems they had forgotten where I was! Shortly after my burger arrived.

Gourmet cooking it ain’t, but it was edible and filled the hole it was designed to fill. It would probably be useful to have a menu somewhere, as it was difficult to work out if the hotel did this at all. Note they don’t do room service breakfasts, I tried, but instead bought take away pancakes at the place right next to the hotel.

Overall Thoughts

The Crowne Plaza Cleveland at Playhouse Square is totally fine, giving you a comfortable stay without breaking the bank. This hotel also has a pool, which I didn’t get time to try while I was there.

While room service was amusingly confusing and the fridge placement bewildering, all other aspects of my stay were fine. It’s not the most flash hotel in Cleveland but it’s no fleabag motel by a highway either. I’d stay here again if the price was right.

What do you think of Crowne Plaza hotels? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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