Earlier this week I was flying out of Los Angeles (LAX) on a United flight out of Terminal 7. I ended up arriving at the airport earlier than I anticipated, so I decided to make the trek over to the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) to visit the grab and go set up that the Centurion Lounge currently has. Sadly, LAX is low on Priority Pass/AMEX Global Lounge Collection choices at this time, so this might be your only option if you want a snack before your flight.

AMEX Centurion Lounge LAX Grab and Go:

As many of you may know, the AMEX Centurion Lounge LAX is closed due to what they describe as building construction. The current “Grab and Go” hours are a bit limited, only from 6am-2:30pm daily.

a sign in a hallway

Walking from Terminal 7 to TBIT:

If you decide to make the trek like me, it’s actually quite a good way to get some exercise before sitting for hours on your flight. Thankfully, Terminal 7 is connected to the Tom Bradley International Terminal airside, so you don’t have to re-clear security. There are bridges and tunnels that connect, and from Terminal 7 you take a bridge to Terminal 6, and from 6 you can take a tunnel to 5, which also connects to 4. After you get to 4, you have to go inside the terminal and then take a bridge to Tom Bradley (TBIT). Allocate about 20 minutes each way for the walk.

The Grab and Go Station:

It’s located on Level 6, next to the former P.F. Chang’s and right next to the Oneworld Business Class Lounge. I was quickly checked in, and was able to bring my parents in with my AMEX Platinum Card. Note: Starting in Feb of 2023, any guests would be charged $50 each to access a Centurion Lounge.

We had an option for vegetarian or chicken wraps, and each grab and go box came with a flavored Pellegrino Sparking Water, as well as chips, cookie and an orange. It was actually a cute little setup. On top of that, you could get a choice of bottled apple juice, cold brew or orange juice.

AMEX Centurion Lounge LAX

AMEX Centurion Lounge LAX

I ate the chicken wrap on the plane and unfortunately I thought it was quite subpar. The chicken was kind of bland and the wrap seemed to be worse than what you could get at a restaurant in the airport. But, anything tastes good on a flight when you’re hungry, and it definitely helped to settle my stomach.

The Verdict:

While not as nice as a traditional lounge experience, at least there is something to grab before your flight if you have Centurion Lounge access. Of course, I wished the main wrap dish tasted better, or if they offered some more variety of main dish options. Hopefully the Centurion Lounge at LAX opens soon so I can try the traditional lounge setup instead.

Have you visited the “Grab and Go” version of the AMEX Centurion Lounge at LAX before? What were your thoughts? Comment below!

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