Heading to the Lounge:

I headed to the Admirals Club Denver lounge before my flight from Denver to Los Angeles, review of the flight here!

The lounge is located in Concourse A, a bit isolated from the main part of the concourse. Many lounges are stationed in this area, and the lounge actually doesn’t have its own bathroom! It’s shared with other lounges just right outside. I’d prefer if it was in the lounge.

Thanks for Monkey Miles for taking me in as a guest 😀

Well is it a small lounge?

Well yes, it’s quite a small lounge. As Monkey Miles puts it, “If you’re mailing a letter you may be able to actually use the lounge as postage.” HAHA

While it was small, the furnishings were nicer than some of the other Admirals Club’s I have been to. It had a nice view of the center of the terminal. It wasn’t too crowded on a Saturday evening (6/7ish).

I nibbled on some cookies, crackers and brownies which were quite decent! I tried the cheese soup and it was interesting…not that great. On the bright side, the wifi was working pretty fast!

There aren’t shower rooms, or anything super special, but it was a nice quiet place to relax and catch up on the web before a flight! Apologies for the short review….I guess it really was that small 🙂

Have you been to the Admirals Club Denver? Share your thoughts!

Happy Travels,